Tessuto retro riflettente bio sviluppato con poliammide riciclata e una nuova resina bio

Creato il: 27-01-2024

JRC-REFLEX is introducing BIO RETRO REFLECTIVE the first RETRO REFLECTIVE material that combines bio-sourced and recycled content at Milano Unica. The French company, whose manufacturing facility is located in Bergamo, Italy, has been offering RETRO REFLECTIVE fabrics and trims made from recycled polyamide for years. With the development of a new bio-resin derived from renewable plant-based raw materials, it further reduces the environmental impact of its products.

The fabrics that JRC-REFLEX manufactures call on advanced technologies and high-tech raw materials to offer security, elasticity and long-lasting performance. Each new component or raw material that the company introduces is extensively tested and perfected to deliver the quality and performance that JRC-REFLEX customers have come to expect and that have made its success over the years.

JRC-REFLEX makes fabrics and trimming that reflect light back to its source, a function known as retroreflection, due to a layer of tiny glass microbeads. These microbeads are embedded in a special coating that is engineered to resist wear and tear and provide high quality safety and durable performance. JRC-REFLEX’s new BIO RETRO REFLECTIVE features a bio-resin that is applied to a recycled fabric. It offers the same level of performance as the company’s conventional ranges but combines circularity with renewable resources. 

With BIO RETRO REFLECTIVE we offer a solution that has a lighter environmental footprint and is derived from plant-based raw materials. This is a strong trend in both the sports and fashion markets. BIO RETRO REFLECTIVE is a natural evolution of our research into more sustainable solutions.

Along with recycled fibers, bio-based raw materials are gaining ground in athletic apparel and citywear as brands seek alternatives to fossil fuel-based raw materials. 


JRC REFLEX is a manufacturer of high-quality RETRO-REFLECTIVE fabrics and trimming. Founded in 1988, the company is based in Romans, France.

Its state-of-the-art factory is located in Bergamo, Italy. JRC-REFLEX technologies are popular among activewear and athleisure apparel and footwear brands and are available in stretch or rigid qualities, with recycled content, and on merino wool or microfleece thermal grounds.

NB: tale tessuto verrà presentto nel Forum Innovation a cura della Sezione TexClubTec a Milano Unica, 30-31 gennaio e 1 febbraio 2024, Hall 8.

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